SHELL Omala S4 GX 320 – 5 Gallon Pail

SHELL Omala S4 GX 320 is an advanced full synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oil offering outstanding lubrication performance under severe operating conditions, including reduced friction, long service life and high resistance to micro-pitting for optimal gear protection.

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Recommended for industrial reduction gear systems operating under severe operating conditions, such as high load, very low or elevated temperatures and wide temperature variations.
Particularly recommended for certain systems where extra-long life is require, maintenance is infrequent or systems are inaccessible, such as wind turbines.
Suitable for lubrication of bearings and other components in circulating and splash-lubricated systems.
For highly-loaded worm drives Shell Omala S4 WE and Shell Omala S1 W are recommended.
For automotive hypoid gears (axles and differentials), Shell Spirax Oil should be used.
Consult your Shell Technical Advisor for use in systems with filtration unit finer than <5 microns. Previous Name: Shell Omala HD 320 Specification, Approvals & Recommendations: David Brown S1.53 Approved for wind turbine gearboxes by: Gamsea, Doungand Wind Turbines, Dalian Heavy Industries and Sinovel. ORBITAL2 approved for helical and planetary gear units for wind turbines. AGMA 9005-EO2 (EP) ISO 12925-1 Type CKD DIN 5157 ? Part 3 CLP USS Steel 224

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