Functional Products

  • Absorbent Socks General Purpose – 12 Ctn Bundle

    Absorbent socks mold easily to hug corners, walls, surround machines and spills. When a sock is saturated simply put down a new one.

  • Absorbent Socks Oil Only – 12 Ctn Bundle

    Absorbent socks mold easily to hug corners, walls, surround machines and spills. When a sock is saturated simply put down a new one.

  • Barrel Top Pad 22 dia – 25 Ctn Bundle

    Barrel top pads quickly absorb pump drips. Pads have precut holes for pump and fill gauge.

  • Gray Sonic General Purpose 15 x 18 – 100 Ctn Bundle

    Gray Sonic General Purpose bonded sorbents pads are constructed of uniform polypropylene fibers and are sonically bonded together for added strength and reduced linting. Ideal for spill cleanup, under leaking equipment, areas where there is over- spray, leaks, and drips.

  • OPTISORB Premium Oil Absorbent – 25 Lb Bag

    OPTISORB Premium Oil Absorbent is an all-purpose absorbent designed for the quick cleanup of water, oil, and grease. Made from Diatomaceous Earth, a naturally occurring mineral with superior absorptive ability, this high quality product delivers 50% more absorbency per pound than clay alternatives.

  • Plastic Coated Automotive Interior Protection Paper Mat – 500 Ctn

    Plastic Coated Automotive Interior Protection Paper Mat, is a superior quality and durability, disposable, white, plastic floor mat that is resistant to water, oil, grease, most shop chemicals and dirt. Our disposable paper car floor mats are an easy way to protect your customers’ vehicles during service.

  • White Recycle Pad 15 x18 – Oil Only – 100 Ctn Bundle

    White Oil Only Recycle Pad combines superior strength, high absorbency and excellent drape-ability. Giving you durable, flexible and absorbent clean-up power. Using less product to clean up more, that’s our commitment to the environment. Cheap pads end up costing your company more because you end up using more pads to get the job done. Look no further than our Recycle Pad for your absorption needs.

  • TROPHY Asphalt Flux

    TROPHY Asphalt Flux – Also called asphalt extender or blowdown. Asphalt flux is a by-product of our re-refining used oil suitable for blending with bitumen or asphalt to form a product of greater fluidity or softer consistency. It is a thick, relatively nonvolatile fraction of petroleum used as flux.

  • TROPHY N110 Rerefined Oil

    TROPHY N110 rerefined oil is subject to the same stringent refining, compounding, and performance standards applied to virgin oil products. API-licensed re-refined oils must pass the same cold-start, pumpability, rust-corrosion, engine-wear, and high-temperature viscosity tests that virgin oils do. The API and American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAMA) have developed the Engine Oil Licensing Certification System (EOLCS) to ensure all engine oils consistently meet performance specifications. Trophy N110 is a Group II base oil (mineral based non-synthetic base oil) which is derived from rerefining used or lubricants contaminated with particulate matter and other soluble materials.