HOUGHTON Garia 621CM-36 – 5 Gallon Pail

HOUGHTON Garia 621CM-36 is a light colored, anti-mist, phosphorous free, active sulfur cutting oil designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations. Particularly useful in an extremely wide range of applications in difficult applications where surface finish is of extreme importance.

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Particularly useful in form grinding applications and in deep hole drilling operations of metals and alloys with very low machinability.
Contains unique synergistic extreme pressure additive system that readily react at the chip-tool interface to form extremely effective boundary lubricating films which reduce frictional heat and prevent metal-to-metal contact of the tool and workpiece.
Contains active sulfur, chlorine and high concentration of fatty oil.
Should not be used where staining of copper and its alloys is a concern.

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