PENNZOIL ATF+4 – 6/1 Quart Case

PENNZOIL ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid is specially formulated to meet the ATF requirements for use in passenger cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. Designed as a robust ATF with improved oxidation stability, excellent low temperature viscosity, friction durability/retention, shear stability and anti-wear performance characteristics.

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Provides superior low temperature performance vs ATF+3 due to Group II+/Group III base stocks.
For all automatic transmissions by DaimlerChrysler where ATF+3, ATF+2, or ATF+ fluid is specified.
ATF+ fully meets Chrysler warranty requirements MS-9602.
For use in:
1988 & Newer ? All Chrysler, Plymouth, and domestic Dodge models.
All Jeep modes with AW-4 automatic transmissions.
1969 & Newer ? All import models from Dodge, Eagle and Plymouth.
1993 & Newer ? All domestic Eagle models
1987-95 Hyundai transaxles and in some Mitsubishi automatic transmissions.
Note: Should not be used in transmission requiring Dexron III, Dexron VI, Mercon, Mercon V or Mercon SP transmission.

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