SHELL Gadus S2 High Speed Coupling Grease – 10/14 Oz Case

SHELL Gadus S2 High Speed Coupling Grease is specially formulated with a lithium soap/polymer thickener, for superior resistance to oil separation when subjected to the high centrifugal forces normally found in grease couplings.

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Recommended for all types of grease lubricated couplings used in industrial equipment.
Geared couplings which have internal and external spur gears that mesh within a common rotating hub connecting the shafts.
Steel grid couplings which have a convoluted band of flexible spring steel physically linking the hubs together.
Flexible chain coupling which have a roller chain that meshes with a sprocket cut in each mating hub.
With its extremely high base oil viscosity (>3200 cSt @ 40C) it is also suitable for use in other industrial applications where the equipment is subject to high water wash, low speeds and heavy or shock loads.
Previous Name: Shell Alvania Grease CG
Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations:
AGMA CG-1 type, CG-2 type, CG-3 type
TB Woods
NLGI 0/1. Color Dark Brown

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