SHELL Gadus S2 Thread Compound – 43 Lb Pail

SHELL Gadus S2 Thread Compound meets the requirements of the DEA 47 (E) Committee for use as ?green? thread dopes. Based on highly refined mineral oils with a calcium soap thickener and additives for excellent corrosion protection, prevent galling of threads and ensure consistent make/break torques.

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Environmentally friendly contains not metals (Pb, Zn, Cu) in metallic form or other components identified by the Paris Commission (PARCOM), e.g. PTFE, nylon or other polymers.
Excellent brushability can be applied even at low temperatures.
Excellent anti-galling performance for carbon steels and up to 13% chromium steels.
For use with Premium connectors.
Previous Name: Shell Malleus Grease STC 1
Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations:
DEA 47 (E) Committee
NLGI 1. Color Black.

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