SHELL Gadus S3 A1000XD 2 Grease – 35 Lb Pail

SHELL Gadus S3 A1000XD 2 is a heavy duty calcium grease formulated with a high level of solid additives for enhanced load carrying capability. The high solids content and very heavy base oil utilized in this product are designed to provide an effective lubricant film under the high loads, shock loading and high loaded constant sliding contact.

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Excellent surface adhesion and resistance to water washout and spray-off.
For fifth wheels and turntables, ball mill gears, forklifts (rails and wheel drive gears) slipper drives (steel mils), rigs (back-up legs), dredging (cutting heads), traveling water screens.
Previous Name: Shell Retinax Fifth Wheel Grease, Shell Rodina SDX 2
NLGI 2. Color Dark Gray.

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