SHELL Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 – 3/1 Gallon Case

SHELL Rotella T5 heavy duty engine oil with Triple Protection Plus technology has been enhanced with synthetic base oils plus advanced additive technology to protect against wear, deposits and oil breakdown, PLUS better low temperature flow and better fuel economy performance.

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Advanced low-ash formulation helps control blocking of or poisoning of exhaust after-treatment devices, helping maintain vehicle emission compliance and engine fuel efficiency.
Synthetic base oil components improve cold starting and reduce fuel consumption and save money.
Can provide fuel economy savings up to 1.6% compared to a conventional 15W-40.
Advanced formulation delivers good engine cleanliness and protection against piston deposits ensuring engine component reliability at extended oil drain intervals.
Meets the requirement of the major US and European engine manufacturers for low emission applications.
Meets or exceeds:
API: CK-4, CJ-4, CI-Plus, CI-4, CH-4
Caterpillar: ECF-3, ECF-2,
Cummins: CES 20086, 81
Detroit Fluids Specification (DFS): 93K222, 93K218
Deutz: DQC III-10 LA
MACK: EOS-4.5, EO-O Premium Plus
MAN: M 3575
MB Approval: 228.31
MTU: Category 2.1
Volvo: VDS-4.5, VDS-4

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