SHELL Tellus S3 M 32 – 55 Gallon Drum

SHELL Tellus S3 M 32 is a high performance hydraulic fluid using an exclusive zinc-free technology to provide outstanding protection and performance in most manufacturing and many mobile equipment operations. It resists breakdown under heat or mechanical stress and helps prevent damaging deposit formation that can decrease the efficiency of your hydraulic power system.

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Long fluid life ? maintenance savings.
Outstanding wear protection including low load and severe duty high load conditions.
Superior cleanliness, excellent filterability and water separation, air release and antifoam.
Severe duty hydraulic service (e.g. load, temperature) or where extended life is required (e.g. remote or inaccessible locations).
Low toxicity and reduced environmental impact in the event of a leak or accidental spillage compared to conventional zinc-based hydraulic fluids.
Classified as ?not harmful? to freshwater and marine invertebrates when tested as water-accommodated fractions (WAFs) according to OECD and EPA test guidelines.
For further reductions in environmental impact consider Shell Naturelle lubricants.
Previous Name: Tellus S 32
Specification, Approvals & Recommendations:
Dennison Hydraulics (HF-0, HF-1 and HF-2)
Eaton Vickers (Brochure 694)
Fives Cincinnati P-68
ISO 11158 (HM fluids)
ASTM D6158 (HM mineral oils)
DIN 51524-2 (HLP oils)
SS 15 54 34 M

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