SHELL Tellus S4 VX 32 – 55 Gallon Drum

SHELL Tellus S4 VX 32 is a very high viscosity index (VI 300) hydraulic fluid designed for use in applications subject to extremely low ambient temperatures where conventional hydraulic fluids would become too thick to allow equipment operation such as arctic or exposed areas. This allows safe equipment start-up at very low temperatures, with no or minimum system heating.

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Designed for use in all types of hydraulic systems where the operating temperature does not continuously exceed 75C (167F).
Ashless (zinc-free) anti-wear additives help protect critical hydraulic components from wear.
Pour Point -60C (-76F).
Previous Name: Tellus Arctic
Specification, Approvals & Recommendations:
Komatsu Mining (Cold and arctic conditions -50C (-58F) to 35C (95F)
Frigoscandia (low temperature systems)
Dietz Automation GmbH (servo valve and proportional valve test equipment)

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