Shipmate Outboard Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Oil – 55 Gallon

SHIPMATE Outboard 2-Cycle Injector Oil is a high performance, LOW SMOKE, SYNTHETIC BLEND, ashless outboard motor oil is compounded to meet and exceed the latest, “Re-Certified” NMMA/BIA Designation TC-W3 (Supersedes TC-WII, TC-W).

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State-of-the-art, ashless additive package with polyisobutylene (PIB), is specially designed to reduce engine deposits and piston scuffing caused by high engine temperatures.
Prevents valve piston ring sticking and piston varnish, piston scuffing, bearing wear, exhaust port carbon deposits, plug fouling, preignition, and rusting.
Also has application in certain 2-cycle snowmobiles, cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles, chain saws, lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment, plus many other air-cooled 2-cycle engines in accordance with manufacturer?s recommendation.
Use in direct injection systems or premix at gas:oil mixtures of 100:1, 50:1, 40:1, 32:1, 24:1 or 16:1, or whenever the manufacturer recommends either SAE 30 or SAE 40 lubricant.
Meets or exceeds all engine manufacturers warranty requirements as specified by Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Nissan, Susuki, Tohatsu and all other domestic and foreign engines.

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