STA-VIS Formkote #100 – 5 Gallon Pail

STA-VIS Formkote #100 has been manufactured exclusively for the prevention of all types of poured concrete from adhering to the forms. Keeps wood, steel, plastic coated, aluminum, paper, and fiberglass forms free and clean of concrete buildup and rust. It is an amber, nontoxic, light viscous liquid which is laboratory controlled for easy application with commercially available sprayers. It has bland, pleasing odors and is soluble in all proportions with aliphatic, aromatic, or chlorinated solvents. Formkote #100 is a concentrated form of Formkote #7, and should be diluted at 10:1 with solvent, kerosene or diesel fuel.

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Will extend the life of these forms when compared to the conventional oils being used.
Highly polarized wetting action provides maximum coverage on all types of forms.
Unique molecular structure is stable under heat and cold and will not deteriorate during storage or form objectionable residues.
Synthesized using a balanced combination of highly refined chemical intermediates, dispersed in a non-staining, non-residual hydrocarbon.
Can be easily removed from skin, clothing, or forms with a solvent or efficient detergent.
Allows easy and clean stripping with no excessive concrete buildup which will reduce labor and maintenance cost.
Does not stain concrete and will leave a paintable surface if applied correctly.
Leaves a waterproof surface on wood forms and reduces the grain raising to give excellent protection against the weather.
Will not wash off in the rain or deteriorate under heat or sun.
Has superior wetting action and will provide maximum coverage for each gallon applied.
Is compatible or miscible with most other types of paraffin form oils or form release agents.

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