STA-VIS Heat Transfer Oil – 55 Gallon Drum

STA-VIS Heat Transfer Oil is special blend of solvent refined, paraffinic base oils, containing effective oxidation, rust, and corrosion inhibitors. Its excellent resistance to oxidation minimizes the formation of sludge, tar, and coke deposits which interfere with fluid circulation and efficient heat transfer. Low pressure minimizes fluid loss due to evaporation, vapor locks, and hazards of flammability; and is non-corrosive to aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and steel.

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Recommended for use in all types of closed cold-oil-sealed, direct or indirect fired heating systems where the fluid is subjected to severe operating conditions.
May be used safely up to 316C (600F) and where minimum shutdown temperatures are as low as -26C (-15F).
May be used in asphalt heaters, heating of buildings, and plastic and wax coating equipment.

Service life depends on the design and operations of the system. If the system is well designed and not subjected to abnormal workloads, the life can be many years.

The rate of change in physical characteristics are more significant than actual values. Properties to be monitored: viscosity, acidity, flash point (open and closed) and insoluble.

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