STA-VIS PAR 189B – 55 Gallon Drum

STA-VIS PAR 189B is a corrosion inhibitor designed for the manufacture of non-staining, dry to the touch, rust preventive with water displacing properties and fingerprint suppression. STA-VIS PAR 189B contains oxidized wax based off barium. Method of application may be by dip, spray or brush at normal room temperature. Once applied, a tenacious film bonds to the metal, preventing black rust from forming if the metal parts are touching in storage. Can easily be removed with standard cleaning practices.

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In Line Processing: Especially suited for metal finishing lines where the rust preventive is immediately applied subsequent to alkaline cleaning.
Will resist emulsification of water carried into the rust preventative bath. This water displacing property increases the life of the rust preventative bath and insures excellent protection of the metal part.
Industrial Rust Preventive: The solid content of STA-VIS PAR 189B yields an indoor storage rating of 2 years or 60 days in a humidity cabinet test (ASTN D-117).

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