STA-VIS STA-KOOL Heavy Duty 110 – 5 Gallon Pail

STA-VIS STA-KOOL Heavy Duty 110 is a heavy duty water emulsifiable cutting and grinding fluid. It is designed to fit the all-purpose needs of both large and small plant operations. Emulsions will not stain common cast and extruded grades of aluminum. Additives provide excellent tool life and finishes that have traditionally only been associated with straight cutting oils. Combining the good features of a compounded cutting oil with those of regular water emulsions produce a fluid with maximum cooling ability, excellent lubricity and anti-wear properties.

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Forms a clean stable emulsion in all water types and formulated with a biocide to extend the serviceable sump life of the emulsion.
Combines tenacious film strength with anti-wear and anti-weld chemistry to make it particularly well suited for the more difficult machining and grinding operations where low speeds are used with large chip formation, such as: broaching, tapping, gear shaping, deep drilling, boring, screw machining, end milling, and reaming of hard steels and nickel alloys.

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