STA-VIS SYN-KOOL D 601.01 – 5 Gallon Pail

STA-VIS SYN-KOOL D 601.01 is a high quality metalworking fluid recommended for medium to heavy duty machining of high carbon-steel and alloyed special steels with high tensile strength. Syn-Kool D 601.01 is a micro-emulsion, synthetic blend, with a high level of EP-additives, rust inhibitors, biocide package, and a defoamer, and is recommended for medium to heavy duty CNC machining and milling of all types of steel alloys. Also suitable for sawing and grinding operations including creep feed grinding. Excellent results are also achieved in (band) sawing applications on steel alloys. Can be used on ?yellow metals? without staining.

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High lubricity ? resulting in prolonged tool life, increased surface finish, lower reject rate
Very good detergency ? resulting in clean parts, machines
Good corrosion protection ? lower reject rate and decreasing maintenance cost related to corrosion problems
Good foaming behavior ? ensuring problem free working operations and high pump pressures/flow rates
Reduced smoke formation in heavy duty machining ? creating a healthier and more pleasant place
Good stability ? ensuring long sump life
Environmental compliance ? free of chlorine, secondary amines, phenol and nitrite

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