TROPHY Multi-Purpose GL-5 Gear Lube SAE 80W-90 – 2/2.5 Gallon Case

TROPHY Multi-Purpose GL-5 Gear Lube SAE 80W-90 is a high quality, heavy duty, and extreme pressure gear lubricant for automotive differentials, manual transmissions, and final drives on passenger cars, trucks, taxicabs, and contractor and farm equipment. Compounded with a new and state-of-the-art “clean gear” additive package which insures exceptional thermal stability, minimizes gear face and bearing wear, protects against scuffing, provides corrosion protection, and anti-foam properties.

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Recommended for complete refills of conventional and limited-slip differentials; top-up and refill of manual transmissions, hypoid, final and other drive axles, and power dividers.
Meets or exceeds the following API classifications:
API GL-5 and proposed category PG-2 (GL-7) for heavy duty final drive axles (hypoid and spiral bevel gears).
MT-1 specification for non-synchronized manual transmissions used in buses and heavy-duty trucks.
Ford, Chrysler, GM, American Motors, and imported cars viscosity requirements, and is recommended for most passenger cars and light truck gear oil requirements.
MIL-L-2105E, Mack GO-J, -H, -G; Mack Spalling Rig Test; L_60 full scale axle tests; Clark MS-8; Eaton Axle; International Harvester B-22; White Motors MS 0016 John Deere JDM J11D; Rockwell International 0-76; Ford M2C108C; General Motors Materials Specifications 9985044, 9985182; Chrysler MS 3636, MS 3725; Terex EEMS 19003; British Ministry of Defense CS 3000B; AGMA 4-EP (80W-90); Volkswagen TL-727; Scania, Volvo 97310; manual transmissions and axles of Clark, Eaton,
Fuller, International Harvester, New Process, Spicer and Warner.
NOTE: For complete refill of positrac, limited-slip axles, or for rebuilt axles with green gears, use manufacturers part number additive concentrates as required; or use TROPHY OEM Limited Slip Automotive Axle Lubricant 80W-90.

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Heavy Duty, Passenger Car Automotive

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