TROPHY STG-3 Premium Grease – 400 Lb Drum

TROPHY STG-3 Premium Grease is a third generation, extreme pressure, all season, multi-purpose grease compound with 12-hydroxystearate lithium, and synthetically stabilized with an iso-tex polymer. This unique formula has been laboratory and road tested to give optimum results over extended periods, under difficult operating conditions.

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Exceptional high film strength promotes maximum bearing adhesion and protection at peak loading.
Extreme pressure and anti-wear agents reduce bearing wear.
High water resistant and will show tolerance without breakdown of up to 10% moisture.
Combination of multi-grade base oils insure grease performance in cold weather as-well-as in blistering summer heat, makes it a truly exceptional all weather grease.
Recommended for wheel bearings (except disc brake wheel bearings), chassis lubrication, water pumps, grease type universal joints, compression cups, covered springs, and track rollers.
Excellent choice for grease type electric motors and all types of ball and roller bearings.
NLGI 2. Color Amber.

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Heavy Duty, Passenger Car Automotive

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