TROPHY Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid – 2/2.5 Gallon Case

TROPHY Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is truly a multifunctional tractor fluid, formulated for use in; transmissions, final drives, differentials, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of tractors employing a common fluid reservoir. This fluid is manufactured from premium base stocks and special additives to provide: friction properties carefully designed to control brake chatter; actuation of hydraulic brakes which are oil wetted; lubrication of spur and bevel differential gears; lubrication of the transmission; serve as a power steering fluid; and as a hydraulic fluid to operate implements and attachments.

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Protects over a wide temperature range (ambient temperatures down to -35F to sump temperatures over 250F); while ensuring anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics to protect vital parts.
Suitable for use in the following applications:
AGCO: Power Fluid 821XL, 821
Case-IH: Hy-Tran Ultra, Hy-Tran Plus, Hy-Tran, MAT-3505, MS-1210, MS-1209, MS-1207, MS-1206, JIC 144/145, Powergard PTF
Caterpillar: MTO
Deutz/Allis: Power Fluid 821
Fendt CVT: 1000 hour drain (shortened interval)
Ford New Holland: Mastertran Ultraction (MAT 3540), M2C-134 D/C/B/A, MAT- 3525, M2C-41B, M2C-
53A/B, M2C-86B
Hesston/Fiat: Oliofiat Tutela Multi-F
John Deere: Hy-Gard; J20C/A, JD 303, J14C/B
Kubota: Kubota UDT Fluid, Transdraulic Fluid
Massey Ferguson: M-1145, 1143 Permatran III, MF-1127A/B, MF-1129A,
Steiger: Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid 17001
Landini: Tractor II Hyd Fluid
Versatile: HyGear Fluid, Specification 23
White/Oliver/MM: AG ONE, Universal Fluid, Type 55, Q-1826 HTF
Zetor: OT-H, GL-4
Note: Tractor manufacturers have not been able to agree on a single specification for a fluid suitable in all tractors. While TROPHY Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid cannot be offered as meeting all manufacturers? fluid specifications (numerous manufacturers approve only their own fluids), this fluid has demonstrated satisfactory field performance and passes all critical test requirements.

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