TROPHY Windshield Washer -25F Fluid – 55 Gallon

TROPHY Windshield Washer -25F Fluid is a ready to use mix of cleaners and solvents designed to remove road grime and bug splatter and prevent freezing of windshield washer fluid. Formulated for maximum performance in all vehicle dispensing systems.

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Usable year round.
Removes Road Grime.
Removes Bug Splatter.
Clears ice and frost.
Does not harm paint, rubber or plastic.
Pre-diluted, ready to use.
Minimum -25F freeze point, to meet low temperature protection requirements.
We do not modify our formula during the summer months.
NOTE: In extreme colder weather, it is still recommended heating the windshield (by running the vehicle with the windshield Defrost on) to prevent the liquid from hazing on the windshield.

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