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Corporate Overview
For over 30 years Como Lube & Supplies has provided environmental services and lubricants for Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Como Lube & Supplies, Inc. is a Shell, Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Trophy lubricant distributor, stocking a full line of automotive, aviation, hydraulic, industrial, metalworking, compressor, and electrical lubricants; greases; as well as many other fluids and lubricants. Como delivers products and services using our own up to date equipment and vehicles. Como also markets a complete line of world-class lubricants under our Shipmate, Tall Timber, Sportline, Arctic Blue, and Lawn & Garden brands at value prices.

Recycling: Used Oil, Filters, and Antifreeze
Como is a full-service licensed and insured used oil transporter and processor.

  • Used oil is recycled in our own refinery and returned to the market, saving 75% of the energy to make virgin stocks. One gallon of used oil provides the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil as 42 gallons of crude oil.
  • Used filters are processed by our in-house crushing equipment. 100% are recycled and nothing reaches a landfill.
  • Used antifreeze is re-refined back to new, and returned to the market.
  • Como’s considerable investment in recycling plant and equipment demonstrates our long-term commitment to environmental stewardship, protecting our customer’s environmental responsibility.

Waste Removal: Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Removal
Como is a full-service licensed and insured hazardous waste transporter and processor, fully compliant with the EPA, MPCA, DOT, and SPCC requirements. Services include hazardous waste removal (including bad fuel and fuel oil mixtures); used solvents; oil sorbents; used metalworking coolants, used fluorescent bulbs and ballasts; and used computers, monitors and keyboards.

Supplies & Servicing: Parts, Washers, and More
Como supplies and services parts washers and paint gun cleaning units, with used solvent re-refined in our distillation plant and returned to the market.

Como’s new generation advanced re-refining technology restores used oil back into its original life cycle, over and over again – thus saving our non-renewable resources. By re-refining used oil, we conserve and recycle our natural resources, reduce air pollution and provide ourselves with a better environment. This is the only responsible choice.

Dependable — Experienced — Licensed — Insured

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