MICRO-PLATE EP/MOLY 2 Grease – 35 Lb Pail

MICRO-PLATE EP/MOLY Grease is a high quality, multi-purpose 12-hydroxystearate lithium, extreme pressure grease, designed for the lubrication of heavy duty automotive and industrial equipment where heavy loads and wet conditions require a grease having high film strength with high resistances to water wash-out. Formulated with our exclusive “Lubricant-Within-A-Lubricant” that actually becomes part of frictional surfaces to which it is applied.

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A unique combination of fluid molybdenum-disulfide (moly) and graphite compounds guarantee a continuous and tenacious protective film on all moving surfaces, regardless of load or severity of working conditions (lubricating solids effective to 750F).
Special space-age additive package insures high film strength, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.
The high dropping point permits use up to 375F, for intermittent periods, without loss of lubricating protection.
A special “Lubricant-Within-A-Lubricant? technology, reduces operating temperatures by increasing the load bearing area which reduces unit pressures. This increases working life of both parts and grease, reduces power consumption and increases equipment efficiency, and allows extension of the normal lubrication cycle by two to five times.
Recommended for lubrication of automotive chassis points including shackle pins, ball joint suspension units, and other parts, found in cars, trucks, trailer or construction equipment where shock load conditions are normal. Many manufacturers of automotive and industrial equipment recommend a grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide, making this grease suitable for chassis lubrication of late model automobiles with extended lubrication intervals, where the manufacturer recommends moly grease.
Extremely effective under other conditions of heavy shock loading, particularly on slow oscillating or reciprocating bearings, or applications designed for extended intervals between re-lubrication.
NLGI 2. Color Black.

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Heavy Duty, Industrial, Passenger Car Automotive

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