SHELL Gadus S3 V460XD 2 – 400 Lb Drum

SHELL Gadus S3 V460XD 2 is a premium heavy-duty designed for a wide range of industrial and mining applications. Based on high viscosity mineral oil (for OEM requirements for slow moving large bearings) and a lithium complex soap thickener, containing the latest additives to offer excellent high temperature oxidation performance and other additives to enhance its anti-oxidation. Also contains molydbenum disulfide to provide additional resistance to shock loading.

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Used for the lubrication of shock loaded, heavy-duty slow moving bearings and non-bearing applications such as those found in large mobile mining equipment.
Previous Name: Shell Albida Grease MDX 2, Retinax MDX 2
NLGI 2. Color Black.
Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations:
Komatsu Trucks
Liebherr Trucks
BE (certified)
Caterpillar (5% MoS2)

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Heavy Duty, Industrial

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