STA-VIS Way Lubricant 68 – 55 Gallon Drum

STA-VIS Way Lubricant 68 is a specially compounded oil developed for lubricating heavily loaded machine tool slides and ways, either horizontal or vertical. Formulated with adhesive friction modifiers and lubricity additives, specially designed to prevent stick-slip or chatter conditions that cause surface finish problems and accelerate wear of ways. These outstanding lubricity and anti-weld characteristics insure smooth, even table movement, particularly during where precision machining of extremely complex parts, at slow feed rates, or under heavily loaded way surfaces.

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Reduced Stick-Slip: Additives reduce stick-slip, or chatter, providing smooth and positive movement.
Added Adhesion: Tackifiers increase adherence to metal surfaces and reduce dripping or run-off of the oil.
Wear Prevention: Extreme pressure agents reduce wear and lead to longer equipment life and more accurate movements
Other additives provide excellent rust protection and oxidation stability. .
Used to lubricate the ways on machine tools such as: grinders, lathes, planners, shapers, slotters, boring machines, drilling machines, milling machines, and screw machines.
Ideal lubricant for the way on saws and carriages found in saw mill operations.
Suitable for lubricating headstocks, translating screws, spur and bevel gears, and lightly loaded worm gears.
Meets the performance requirements of U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 251.02 and AGMA 250.04.

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